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Resilient interiors are built faster, cleaner and smarter with manufactured interior construction. Powered by technology, this revolutionizing construction method uses disruptive software and technology to empower the design process, manufacture with precision, meet sustainability goals, and rapidly install customized space while delivering long-term value and flexibility.


Elements are planned, integrated, and manufactured offsite in state-of-the-art facilities while on-site installation is clean and efficient. Spaces are move in ready sooner with quick-connect solutions and reduce labor hours. Modularity provides easy access to systems within the wall and ensures long-term flexibility.


Building green starts with reducing and reusing. Off-site manufacturing eliminates drywall, dust and waste, allowing other subs to work in an unobstructed space, and maintains your high quality fit and finish. Then when you need to make adjustments, manufactured interior construction adapts with you and your changing needs, saving time, money and materials.


Designing and building spaces shouldn’t be an exercise in predicting the future. As industries continue to evolve, environments today must be adaptable to respond to unforeseen changes. With manufactured interior construction’s integrated solutions, any space can be quickly converted or modified.

Put Your Space to Work

Manufactured interior construction delivers innovative spaces to improve the way people work, heal and learn. You spend more of your budget on materials and less on labor. Utilize your environment as a tool and maximize functionality with the latest integrated technology, interactive walls with capacitive touch, writable surfaces for collaboration and artwork to reflect your culture.

Office + Coworking
Office + Coworking
Want to build better?


Integrating all of the components of manufactured interior construction means spaces can be tailored to suit client needs. Embrace total customization in design, scale, complexity and finishes. It’s a complete environment—your bespoke ceilings, your millwork, your timber frame mezzanine. Spaces aren’t limited to a catalog of options but exactly the way you want it.


  • Customizable solutions are tailored to meet unique needs.
  • Designs can be explored in virtual reality before the space is built to ensure desired outcome and test functionality.
  • Manufactured interior construction adapts to emerging technology and industry expectations quickly and confidently.


  • Proprietary software calculates the cost of the scope down to the penny so you have total cost certainty before you finalize the design.
  • Your quoted cost remains consistent throughout the contract, limiting the risk of overruns.
  • Less construction waste cuts disposal and recycling fees.
  • Less disruptive maintenance and increased flexibility reduce costs over the total life of your space.
  • High-performance materials decrease maintenance needs.


  • Minimal cutting or altering material on-site allows for a clean construction environment.
  • Customization and finishes are applied prior to shipping, and components arrive ready for installation.
  • There is no dust or debris during or after installation.
  • Adjustments can be made any time during occupancy with minimal mess and disruption.


  • This construction method has rapid lead times, and complete interior spaces and all components are prefabricated in 21 days or less.
  • On-site construction is completed in a fraction of the time of conventional construction with minimal mess and waste to manage.
  • Advanced 3D visualizations allow you to see exactly how they will interact with the scope on-site.
  • Spaces are move-in ready sooner; quick-connect solutions are built with extreme precision reduce labor hours while providing easy access to power, data, mechanical, plumbing and technology within the walls.


  • The factory construction process means fewer tradespeople are needed on job sites.
  • Experience in building healthcare environments allows for sharing of best practices to create safe environments for other industries.
  • Surfaces are easy to clean and disinfect, and healthcare-grade designs and finishes are available.
  • Manufactured interior construction has the ability to integrate touch-free technology.


  • Precision-manufactured solutions look and perform like permanent interiors but can be disassembled, adjusted or reconfigured to accommodate changing needs.
  • New technology, components and accessories can be seamlessly integrated at any time.
  • Manufactured interior construction minimizes the need for downtime associated with post-occupancy renovation projects.
  • Easy access to wall cavities makes ongoing maintenance, upgrades, and changes simple, clean and painless.


  • Manufactured interior construction solutions integrate seamlessly with the rest of the build.
  • Our project managers and installation team manage scope to ensure schedules are met.
  • During manufacturing, accommodations for plumbing, technology, acoustics management, and MEP are considered, and finishes and pre-wired power and networks are integrated into MIC solutions.


  • Components can be disassembled and reused, repurposed or recycled, limiting landfill waste and new raw material demand.
  • High-performing materials are carefully sourced for durability, increasing their life cycle.
  • Materials are chosen with high levels of recycled content whenever possible, including aluminum frames, MDF wall panels and denim insulation.
  • Our green team works alongside design teams and clients to achieve their sustainability goals, earn green build rating system credits and secure certifications in a variety of green building standards.

Build Better

We work alongside the client, designer, architect, contractors and other trades to translate vision into reality. Completely custom interiors are tailored to you so no two clients ever have the same space.

Explore some of our projects and get inspired.

Ready to learn more about what you can create with manufactured interior construction?