Designing with the DIRTT modular interior solution allows the vision of the designer to remain far more intact from initial programing all the way through to occupancy at move-in than ever before. How so? Read on...
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Modularity and flexibility are becoming increasingly important workplace considerations in today’s business world. Office users reshuffle the deck frequently to reflect new processes, product development approaches, and corporate structures. Many of today’s younger, green-thinking entrepreneurs are asking for portable furniture and reconfigurable systems so they don’t have to throw away expensive interior systems if they move locations. The ability for all spaces to serve multiple uses allows for a great utilization of space and a reduction of the overall space requirement. While the flexibility of modularity clearly helps offset the difficulty of anticipating clients’ future workplace needs, designing with the DIRTT modular interior solution also allows the vision of the designer to remain far more intact from initial programing all the way through to occupancy at move-in than ever before. How so?


Design Consistency

DIRTT solutions are made-to-measure in a controlled factory setting that guarantees a consistent fit and finish for your unique conditions. This becomes especially useful when multiple locations require the same aesthetic or when additions and changes made at a later date must cleanly integrate with an existing space.

Countless Surfaces + Finishes

DIRTT has meticulously curated a beautiful and environmentally thoughtful palette which includes award-winning fabrics, films, glass, veneers, water-based stains, lacquers and paints. This allows you to design to your heart’s content without restriction.

Customer’s Own Materials (COM)

You have the option to include Customer’s Own Materials (COM) such as glass, textiles, finishes and other supplied items in your design. To ensure the integrity of your COM our team will test it before using it within our solution to ensure it will perform to your needs and meet our manufacturing quality standards.

Bespoke Configurations

If you envision it, we’ll build it—it’s that simple. Our solutions do not come in standard sizes, shapes or layouts. They are made-to-measure according to your unique needs so your space looks, feels and functions exactly the way you imagined it. This includes all of the following:

  • Combination Walls – Mix tile sizes, finishes and styles to achieve the look, feel and function you require.
  • Faceted Walls – Curved walls allow you to make more dramatic configurations.
  • Variable Height Walls – Specify the height you need for aesthetics, function and acoustic management.
  • Integrated Technology Wall – Imbedded technology keeps assets safe and streamlines the look of your space.
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