Furniture and Technology: A Beautiful Friendship | AOS Interior Environments
This month’s product spotlight will showcase just a few ways technology has changed the furniture design landscape.
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Furniture and Technology: A Beautiful Friendship

Sleek design, comforting textiles, and ergonomic support have made the furniture world a fascinating juxtaposition of form and function, but lately there has been a new kid in town shaking things up: technology! Over the past two decades, technology has made its way into our lives and has certainly proven its worth. And now its is very clear that technology has unpacked its bags, made itself comfortable, and formed a beautiful friendship with our furniture. This month’s product spotlight will showcase just a few ways technology has changed the furniture design landscape.

Sandler Office is producing beautiful, contemporary options for workstations that incorporate technology. The Nomando TS is a mobile presentation system on casters with a built-in Touch Screen TV. Its frame is available in a polished or anodized frame and can be customized through a color or wood surface finish. The Nomando 184.02 is a mobile desking system on casters with two fold-out work tops on each side. It is equipped with electrical outlets, integral LED lighting, and storage space for desk accessories. All products on the Nomando line allow for easy storage when not in use and can double as a wall separator.

Sandler Office is bringing people together through innovative furniture, but they’re also aware of the need for privacy and the value of personal space. The Cocoon 102 is an acoustic seating unit that is fitted with built-in Bluetooth speakers and LED lighting. Two other cocoons are available: 101 is fitted with only LED lighting and 103 is fitted with Bluetooth 2-way and LED Lighting. For finishing options, customers are allowed to pick their own fabrics for the shell and the seat. The customization and available features let users make a one-of-a-kind pod to break away from their familiar environment.

Avant, a height-adjustable benching environment, is a new product by Enwork. Bringing function and convenience together, this contemporary system allows users to set goals for the amount of time spent standing using their smartphone or tablet. It also keeps track of calories burned throughout the day. Avant provides control and monitoring of workstations and tables across facilities for energy savings, housekeeping, and maintenance. Features include a storage top with drawers, a height adjustability range of 29”-43”, a Bosch motor for each leg assuring smooth operation, and customization through a selection of laminates and contour laminates.

Luminesse, also by Enwork, is not your ordinary conference table top. This contemporary statement piece is equipped with a LED light band that fills a space with warmth and comfort. Features include an optional dimmer switch for the LED band, the option to pair it with any conference base, and the choice to customize with multiple finishes: laminate, veneer, solid surface, and back-painted glass.


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