Wellness in the Workplace: A Healthy Start to 2017 | AOS Interior Environments
To help promote a healthy routine and positive attitude throughout the day, Knoll has put together a few things that you can do throughout the day to ensure a beneficial workspace.
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Wellness in the Workplace: A Healthy Start to 2017

Welcoming in a new year for most of us also means taking a second look at our health and lifestyle.  All the small indulgences that we may have delighted in over the holiday season are now taking a back seat to fresh starts and healthier habits.  Some people may decide to go to a gym or take a yoga class while others focus may be diet or forms of mediation.  No matter what you choose or how you decide to revamp your workout regimen the truth is it can be difficult to be diligent when most of us spend our days in an office or sitting at a desk.   To help promote a healthy routine and positive attitude throughout the day, Knoll has pulled together a few suggestions that you can do throughout the day to improve wellness in the workspace.

First, adjust your immediate surroundings.  Ergonomic office furnishings are ideal for someone spending most of their day at a desk.  Make sure you have your seat and your keyboard adjusted to the right height and positions to offer full and proper support.  Investing in a monitor arm to position your computer screen at the proper height and distance can significantly reduce eye and neck strain.

Second, incorporate movement and visual breaks into your work day.  Be sure to keep moving throughout the day.  Short walks around the office during the day will help blood flow and is shown to increase productivity.  This also will give your eyes a rest from looking at a screen, something that is recommended every 20 minutes.  If possible it is also encouraged to vary your posture between sitting and standing positions in your work space.

Lastly, nourish your spirit with connections to nature.  If possible place your desk so that you have a view of the outdoors and can expose yourself to sunlight.  If that is not possible, take the recommend short walks to an area that has direct sunlight.  Natural sunlight has been proven to improve mood boost memory and focus.  Arrange plants and greenery around your desk where you can.  It has been suggested that surrounding yourself with greenery in the office can decrease anger and frustration.

These quick tips are just a few basic ways to improve your work day.  For more information on ergonomic products or ways to produce a space that is comfortable and supportive please check out:


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